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A Google Form is a simple survey tool that can look pretty and produce one set of information for you to access: Imagine the difference between getting an email from all your parents or getting one spreadsheet with all their answers neatly arranged for you!


Handout: Using Google Forms to Gather Data (pdf)




Welcome to Class

Consider gathering data such as emails, phone numbers, and exceptional learners in a Google Form at the beginning of the year. This gives you a copy-paste list for future communications that you can use to target communication about various learning opportunities to the right group of parents.

If the idea of sending an email to a long list of parents seems daunting, consider asking for a parent volunteer to manage that communication.


Class Sign Up

If you have an event that parents can join you for you could use a google doc to have them sign up directly.

Below is a silent film that introduces you to the basics of how to create a google form.

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Gather Data Efficiently and Avoid Email Clutter





Meeting the student through the eyes of the family





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