Here are some compelling teacher web pages.


As you review their work you might consider:

  1. Is material presented in a consistent manner so that students and parents could easily predict where they might find what they are looking for?
  2. Does it seem to be maintained, but not overly demanding of the teacher on a daily/weekly basis?
  3. Are the core concepts or vocabulary words for each unit clearly presented so everyone supporting a student's learning can easily clue in on the most important ideas to focus their attention?
  4. What audio and visual means are used to reinforce key concepts?
  5. Does the web page offer appropriate extension activities for the especially eager, gifted, or child with extensive prior knowledge?


Suggest your own additions to this list in the comments area below!

Your Examples Here:



Kindergarten Beach Buddies

Mayville, WI

Redwood Falls










Laurie Callies, Life Science

Todd Roudabush, Earth Science

Ben Friesen, Earth Science

Donna Philippot, Language Arts

Kevin Kos, Language Arts

Norah Garrison, Social Studies

Kim Campbell, Social Studies